Watch Me Grow Photography – baby’s 1st year

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A look at our available Watch Me Grow package which has been designed to record your baby’s precious early milestones in style! From the first ever session through to celebrating their first birthday – the ideal package for families that don’t want to miss a thing.

Heres how it works…

When time goes so quickly, it is easy to miss out on capturing those early special stages and I offer the amazing value first year ‘Watch Me Grow’ package to help ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these important early milestones. You pre-book three sessions and these can be used anytime within babies first 15 months, each session lasts around 40 minutes and can include some family pics too! You get a viewing and selection option after each sitting and can choose your favourite for your folio and you have the opportunity to purchase additional items. If you are unsure what you might want to do with them, I have an article on our portrait products to help.

I’ll photograph your baby at three special stages during their first year – guaranteeing you heart-melting pictures you’ll be able to cherish forever. With the Watch Me Grow programme, you get three shoots, with your favourite images from each session placed in a gorgeous folio frame which is given to you at the end of your first year together.

Snuggly, cuddly, giggly, sleepy – is your baby ready for their close-up?

Tummy Time Sessions –
Advised around 4 months or when baby is able to lie comfortably on their tummy and can hold their head for a short while

The first session is usually when baby is about 4 months old. All babies develop at their own pace, but chances are by now that baby will enjoy a bit of ‘Tummy Time’ and be able to hold up their head. We can usually do some images of little one on their back at this stage too and as always I love to include the whole family. I love this stage, babies are not yet daunted by unfamiliar faces and surroundings, they have such amazing facial expressions at this age and this makes for pretty adorable photographs!

Sitter Sessions
Advised around 7-9 months, ideally just as little one is able to sit comfortably, but just before they are too proficient at crawling

The second shoot – The Sitter Session – is usually taken when baby is between 7 and 9 months old. By now your little one will be starting to sit up and maybe even crawling (hopefully not too fast!). This should provide us with the opportunity to create some really fun images, especially as by now they have reached the giggly phase! Genuinely one of my favourite portrait sessions to do, this is such a magical age and always results in fabulous images full of character.

The Birthday Session
Usually pretty close to their first birthday, however sometimes a little later of parents are waiting for different milestones

During the last shoot we celebrate your baby turning one at the Birthday Session! For this fantastic milestone, why not bring along a birthday cake for a ‘cake smash’. It can provide hilarious fun and will leave you with unique images (plus, you won’t even have to clear up the mess!). I have much more info on Cake Smashes and how they work here.

If a cake-smash isn’t your cup of tea, no worries we can capture their other milestones at this point, from cruising to maybe their early steps, I would love to hear your ideas!

Family Shots

As mentioned earlier, I am always happy for siblings and other family members to join in on these Watch Me Grow Sessions!

The Folio

After each portrait session, you will be invited to view all of your pictures. You are welcome to make additional purchases as suits you and your budget and you can then spend some time choosing your absolute favourite for the included Watch Me Grow Folio. You choose your favourite image from each session to produce something gorgeous to commemorate your little ones first year!

The Folios are 6×6″, gorgeous quality, with leatherette covers and they come in a choice of three colours to suit everyone. They display the three images beautifully, however, parents also have the option to upgrade their folio to frame instead for only an additional £45. Of course, we have a huge range of stunning items available for our portrait clients and you are welcome to look through and get some inspiration.

Our Fantastic Cherubs Watch Me Grow is only £65 for all three sessions including the folio with your favourite images from each shoot. Or each of the above shoots is available to book independently for £35 per session (each session includes a free 8×6″ print of your choice). I hope to see you and your little ones in the studio soon, you can book directly or if you have questions, please feel free to get in touch


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