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Bluebell Photo Shoots


One of our favourites, bluebells always look so bright, so classic, so lovely in photographs.  Bluebell photo shoots work as well for your little ones as they do for your teenagers, extended family and your pets, such a lovely versatile background for a variety of shoot types.  Includes 12 month  expiry and your favourite print in 8×6″.  You can see more about these shoots in our Lifestyle and Location Shoots article.

Location/Lifestyle Voucher specifically to take advantage of the beautiful spring time for Bluebell photo shoots. Just buy the voucher and then get in touch to book a time – they last 12 months and include the shoot, the viewing and your favourite image as a 8×6″ print.

When & Where

These take place usually from end of April to mid/May, depending a little on the weather
Shoot transferrable with 24 hours notice
Includes free print, shoot and viewing

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