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Privacy Policy and GDPR compliance 

First off, we have never, do not and will never SPAM the life out of people and customers.  However we occasionally do let our customers know about special offers and the like and need to let you know how this all works.


Personal data that we will collect

We offer a personal and bespoke service, meaning we need your names and a little info about you, or we just cannot treat you as well as you deserve. This is not really a “Hello Sir/Madam” kind if business, it’s a “AHHHH you guys are here, yay, how’s the dog/kids/in-laws?!” kind of business. So we need names, addresses, email info and contact numbers in order for us to be able to communicate easily with you and provide you with a promised service/answer to a query. If you enquire and we don’t do any pictures for you (for some craaaazy reason?!) then no worries.! – We will delete your name (we may retain where you heard about us from). If we continue on with booking, then we need to retain your data in our GDPR compliant accounting/studio management software.  We keep this data for 7 years after we finish our ‘photography journey’ together. Clients so often become customers and even friends for life and we wouldn’t delete your data if our relationship was still active on both sides.  We do use this data for in-house analytical data, e.g: working out how many clients become ‘clients for life’ etc.


How we collect and keep it

If you fill in a contact form, and tick the box to be contacted (its kinda strange if you fill in the form, but don’t tick the box to be honest!), this data is sent to our password protected email account. The data is then transferred across to our previously mentioned CRM/Accounting, which is GDPR compliant and also password protected.  The data is only transferred to this system if a booking is taking place.


Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

We are a very human business. So if at any point, you have any concerns on the data we hold, you can just get in touch and straight up ask. We are always happy to show you.  You have the right to correct any incorrect data, which we hold on you, in fact we would kind of implore you to do so, as we want accurate data too (we don’t think either you or us want us turning up to the wrong wedding!). If you would like any data that we hold on you to be deleted, this is fine and you can do so at any time.  Although – please bear in mind that for the duration of any contract we have, certain information is essentially held and we cant really do our job without it.


Sharing and Use Of Your Data

We never share your data with any third parties without your express consent to do so.   We do use other companies as part of our necessary supply chain and occasionally send things direct from our suppliers to our client.  E.g: if you live too far to collect and you would like your wedding album posted.  All of the companies we use in this way are GDPR complaint.

Regarding using it, as mentioned. We are not a scary marketing company, we do not sell data or spam our clients and we never will.  If we have a great relationship with you and we know that you wanted a gorgeous wall product that we now have on offer, we might just let you know.  If there is something un-contract related too, that we actually enjoyed a ‘human conversation’ about, such as a great hotel in Florence you once stayed at, I might email you about that (because I want to stay there too!)


Blog Commenting

We have a fledgling blog on the website and if you do leave a comment on it, other people who also happen to be on the fledgling blog will be able to see that you commented on it. So please don’t write anything personal to you in the comment (e.g: credit card details etc… just in case you were thinking that was a good idea.)


Use of Images (Face Based Data?)

The laws on photos are a little trickier to interpret that the rules on actual data.  As a business with working artists, we have every right to retain the images for folio purposes. The images may be used as per our booking terms for reasonable and legitimate use.  In real terms this means for sensibly related things, for example we might use them on our own websites blog or one of my social media channels.  We are a business and we need to show off our wonderful images created with you, in order to get other awesome couples and families book our services.   We will always get in touch if someone wants your contact information, for example they may want to feature you’re a-m-a-zing wedding in their wedding magazine).

We don’t identify our couples directly in these posts, beyond first names and identifying other suppliers (well… those who wish to be credited for their own part/s).  You do have the option of keeping your images private, we may cry a little (inside) when we take amazing shots that customers do not wish to be shared. However we also respect that this is your decision and won’t publish images online or in the media if you would rather that we didn’t.


The images are stored on password encrypted hard drives at our main business address which is alarmed and CCTV protected. We also use a third party gallery site so that you can enjoy and show off your images, this company is also GDPR compliant and the galleries are password protected for you.



This site will use cookies. It actually doesn’t yet, but we’re working on it.  These cookies help the site to provide a better user experience.  Cookies are generally used to retain user preferences and store information for shopping baskets in our online store etc. You can disable cookies by disabling them in your browser options.


Embedded Content on our Website

Our website will be changing soon and our new site may well contain embedded content such as videos, images and content from other websites. Only websites we are excited to share things with you from, not something ridiculous like a toothpaste advert.  But videos showing collaborative shoots with other wedding professionals etc. 
The website is designed to integrate with certain social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.   It is also linked with Google Analytics and AdWords, our analytics allows us to spot if the website has any major issues and broken links, it also allows us to see anonymous data on how long people spend on each page and other useful things like that.


To Conclude

We will do our best to look after and use your data the same way that we would want others to treat our own. If at any point you have any concerns, no worries just get in touch. And we will help as best as we can.







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