How to use your wedding photos

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Well now you have your beautiful wedding pictures, how best to use them? A look through our product range and how best to print and enjoy them…

My favourite thing about photographs, is that unlike most of the things that you buy, photographs actually become more valuable over time. A picture that helps to being back the memory of a time, and event, or even a person can be a truly priceless thing.

We have the digitals, why do anything else?

All of our packages include the high-resolution digital files of your wedding images. They come on a beautiful USB stick and come with a presentation box and prints, so that you have a lovely record of your images, so why do anything else?

Well firstly, these images are an investment! You spent a lot of time considering before investing in your wedding photography, and now that you have so many images that you love, leaving them on a USB stick is, in my own opinion a bit of a waste! Your pictures contain memories from quite possibly the happiest day of your lives, of your, your love and your most treasured friends and family, show them off!

I would also like to remind my couples that no technology is future proof, it doesn’t feel all that long ago that I worked on film for my photography! It doesn’t feel long since I provided images on CD, before updating DVD and now USB. I always advise an online backup as well as additional backup token them safe, but nothing beats prints! Digital printing, whether pigment or silver based, is a great advancement on older printing techniques and well stored prints and albums can last for decades, or even generations.

Lastly, something tangible from your wedding is essential. Whether it be a stunning album destined to become a family heirloom or a large framed print above your fireplace, print them and enjoy them! Your included gallery allows you, your family and friends to order great value professional prints and items directly, however you may want something a little more special and hopefully this guide will help youth choose how to use your wedding photos.

An Album
The traditional way to store your wedding images and whilst the designs have become much more contemporary and durable, the the effect of a good wedding album has not changed one bit in the last 100 years or so. I use a range of suppliers to ensure that I offer the best in quality and choice for my couples, with albums being crafted in Scotland, Italy and New Zealand! The albums are mostly created by hand and printed using professional techniques to guarantee quality throughout the images and the album build.

There a multitude of options available and I highly suggest either a face to face meeting or an online meeting at least to select your album choices. Albums are completely bespoke with various design options, allowing you to select paper, cover material, size and shape and thus build your album entirely around your own tastes! The albums are stunning and always prove popular with our couples, with many choosing to celebrate their first anniversary with a wedding album – this also coincides nicely with it being the paper anniversary!

Our albums are proofed with you before they are ordered to ensure each couple is 100% happy with their album design. You will treasure this item for the rest of your life, it is brought out at family occasions and quickly become a talking point -then everyone wants to take a look. These will be passed down through families and become heirlooms, with any luck, they could tell your story for generations to come. Smaller, replica albums available for key family members or as a special thank you.

The price guide for albums starts at around £295 for consumer style albums. Our most popular range is our professional lab range which are usually between £395 and £595 depending on choices and lastly our contemporary matted album (images below). The matted albums are a little more like their traditional counterparts, with images as individual prints behind matts and bevelled. These albums feel so elegant and contemporary at the same time, and start at around £595.

Something for the wall?

Framed prints, acrylic orbs, wooden prints and premium canvasses…

I love a home adorned in real family pictures, life events and the faces that make you smile, so I am a huge fan of large prints and gallery walls for the home. A great way to add colour, a talking point and for some of our products – literal ‘wow’ generators when people come in to your home. All of my display options are professional grade items, premium canvases and frames that are built to last.

Cost varies depending on which products you love and the size that you would like, I am always happy to help and a full product guide is available, just get in touch here to ask for more details. Nothing is as classic a beautiful Framed Print, but Our Acrylic Orb is one of our standalone products that is guaranteed to generate a ‘wow’ from guests. Starting at £295, they present images as personal works of art in your home. The Wooden Prints are one of my favourite ways to present images on any wall, they look both classic and contemporary at the same time.

Gifts and Fun items

Here is a life hack that you can thank me for later, you can use your digital images to create lovely gifts for your closest family and fiends for at least a year or two! Granted, your friends may not appreciate a close up of the two of you, they may well love a shot of your group of friends together, or them with their partner… You get be thoughtful and save money, genius really.

We do a range of smaller items which are perfect gifts, or you can just print an individual print and pop it in a lovely frame for them!

Presentation Products
Some of the more contemporary items are considered presentation products. These items are designed to show off your images in a contemporary and often innovative ways. Some of these items beautifully fulfil niches and allow such great flexibility for our couples to choose the items that really work for them. For example, we do a Folio Box (starting at £350) which contains 10 mounts, with up to 30 images, an easel and presentation box all included. Some of our couples have kept this intact and switch one display mount, others have used the mounts as gallery walls and kept the box to store wedding memories! I love our range of these items, varying from Taster Albums, to Personalised Photo Boxes and Keepsake Accordions.

I would understand if you don’t want to take my word for it, you will find a plethora of articles online about the benefits of printing images, how the images on display can strengthen you as a couple, spark conversation and even help with children’s self-esteem, here is a link to one of them if you would like to read more.

The sheer variety of ways available to present your images gives couples so many options to consider. I frequently attend industry events to keep apprised of the new and innovative items that regularly appear on the scene. I am also always happy to offer advice and a consultation to help you decide! Just get in touch here with any questions



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