Favourite Wedding Images from 2017 -2018!

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Real Weddings | 1 comment

So… about 10 years after pretty much everyone else in the world, I have decided to start my blog. I would berate myself for leaving it on my to-do list for quite such a comical length of time, and then I remember how busy the last 10 years have been! It is not laziness that has prevented me from getting going, merely a limit to the number of hours in the day (still on the look out for a “magic stopwatch!”). So for my first blog – Favourite Wedding Images from 2016 -2017!

Obviously the year runs from January – December, but in wedding world… each “Wedding Season” hails from April to April.  This is the only way that I can think of weddings! So my New “wedding” year will begin in April and as it is currently March, it is about time that I celebrated what was achieved last year with some of my amazing couples. 

Highlights on a personal level include party-ing with Judge Jules, photographing Simon (bassist) from the awesome band Don Broco, shooting famous vlogers Dodger and Strippin and exploring Ibiza whilst photographing a wedding over there! So it has been BUSY and it has been AMAZING! I am lucky and perpetually exhausted in almost equal measure at any one time!

So many favourites, this was tricky, I have kept it to an absolute minimum so as not to give you billions to scroll through and had to sacrifice the inclusion of so many more.

Enjoy! – Esmé


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